How it works

Working Efficiently

Under the Stadsuppdrag brand, our various group activities are gathered around the central parts of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala and Helsingborg. All the tasks and challenges you face are deployed within easy walking distance. Will you stay outside of any of these cities or elsewhere in the country? Then the point hunt is the activity for you! An entirely portable activity that can be performed anywhere - indoors or outdoors. Whatever activity you choose, our activity leaders keep the whole event - from start to finish. Of course, the activity is arranged exclusively for your group. You do not mix with other groups and you have the activity leader's hundred percent focus on everyone in your group having a really fun and rewarding experience. During the activity you compete divided into teams. Either the activity leader makes a random team division during the introduction or you can of course choose to do your own team division in advance. Then agree with us before how many teams it suits you to divide the group in. The activities usually start from a nice place in town. You get a PDF with map and clear info about the meeting place in connection with you booking your activity. There the activity leader meets you. If you have your office or a conference in the immediate area, we are happy to come to you and start the activity there. All that is needed for the activity is included. Each team is assigned an Ipad with our easy-to-use app and the event ends with a prize-giving with medals to winning teams. You do not need to prepare in any way in advance. We are flexible - you can carry out your activity every day of the week and times. All our activities can be held in Swedish or English. If there is something more you are considering - do not hesitate to send an inquiry, an email or send us a signal!

Co-operation, Commitment & Laughter

Divided into teams, you are faced with lots of exciting, clever and fun assignments. Collaboration, creativity, logic and strategy are just some of the skills you need to use to stand as the winning team. This means that the City assignment is activities that really engage all types of groups - and everyone in the group! Many laughs in the crazy point hunt Daredevil or tricky problem solving in the spy mission City Mission, there are missions for all tastes and occasions. Cooperation that develops, competition that engages and laughter that unites are the pillars of each City assignment. TOTAL EXPERIENCE All City assignments are group activities that are arranged exclusively for your company. Our activity leaders hold the whole activity, from the initial introduction to the final prize ceremony. As a bookkeeper, you can safely hand over the baton to us and fully focus on participating in the activity and socializing with your colleagues. Ipads to each team, other materials and prizes to winning teams are of course included. TECHNOLOGY & ADAPTATION The Ipad app you use has been developed from the ground up - uniquely adapted for the City assignment. The app is very easy to use for all ages and regardless of whether you have an Ipad habit or not. It is based on an extensive interface with many different functions that we create varying, interactive assignments with. It offers great flexibility and good opportunities to also tailor an activity to your group. Contact us with your thoughts and wishes, and we will find the perfect assignment for you - or put together a quote for a unique assignment for your company. LONG EXPERIENCE The city assignment started in 2009 and quickly became a success. Since then, we have had the pleasure of arranging thousands of appreciated activities for corporate groups ranging from 6 to 800 participants. Not to mention all happy hen parties, stag parties and birthday parties who competed in our activities. Throughout the years, we have constantly developed the concept and developed new activities. From the 2009 map, envelope, com radio and camera - to today's Ipads with our user-friendly City assignment app. Through this, we have virtually unlimited opportunities to create fun, exciting and rewarding assignments. We currently offer all our five different activities in Stockholm and most of them in Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala and Helsingborg. The point hunt can be done anywhere - it gladly takes you to where you are, anywhere in the Nordic region.


Activities for the conference, kick-off, hen party. The city assignment is app-based activities where you are divided into teams faced with lots of fun, exciting and tricky assignments. All under the direction of our activity leaders. Collaboration, creativity, logic and strategy are just some of the skills you need to use to stand as the winning team. This means that the City assignment is activities that really engage all types of groups - and everyone in the group! Many laughs in the crazy point hunt Daredevil or tricky problem solving in the spy mission City Mission, there are missions for all tastes and occasions. Collaboration that develops, competition that engages and laughter that unites.

Choose day & time

We adapt to your schedule. Stadsuppdraget is always an exclusive event for your group.

Get in touch with us

Send us an enquiry, a mail or give us a call at 0775-33 33 00. We are happy to help!

Meet our guide

The activity starts at a meeting point in the city. Or at your office/conference in the area.

Come as you are

You'll get everything you need from us. Just put on comfortable shoes & have fun!

Dinner afterwards?

We offer package deals with an activity followed by a nice dinner. Easy & affordable!








Is specific clothes or equipment needed?

Nope, with your ordinary clothes and comfortable shoes you’re set to go. The tasks aren’t physically challenging and they are located within easy walking distance. So it works perfectly well to come directly from the office and continue to a nice restaurant afterwards. Check out our dinner packages!

Can we choose start/end point?

Of course, we are happy to start the activity where you are. You’ll get the best experience if starting somewhere in the city center, but it also works well to start elsewhere. Then getting into the city as quick as possible becomes a natural part of the challenge. Reassembly and award ceremony can be held where the next point at your schedule is due. If you rather would do the activity where you are – then The Challenge is the perfect activity for you!

What if it’s bad weather? What if it’s raining cats and dogs?

Stadsuppdragetworkswell in any weather. But if you would rather stay indoors, we can arrange a back-up activity with just a few hours notice. This assumes that you have someplace to host the activity, like your office or the conference center you’re staying at.

Can a disabled person participate?

Absolutely, anyone who can move around town at walking speed can also participate and have fun in Stadsuppdraget.



Make the simple choice and choose a package deal where you do one or activities and continue to a nice dinner. We make sure the restaurant is ready when you arrive and you get the total cost on a single invoice from us. It couldn’t be easier!

Gute Grill

Packages from

799 :- / person

Excluding VAT


Packages from

789 :- / person

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Packages from

609 :- / person

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GTS Festvåning

Packages from

709 :- / person

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Hotel Eggers

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759 :- / person

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Scandic Kramer

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709 :- / person

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Packages from

679 :- / person

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Packages from

749 :- / person

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Packages from

755 :- / person

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Hotel Mollberg

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689 :- / person

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